Copper Deco Shaker (700 ml)

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700 ml copper plated 3 piece cocktail shaker

Hand-wash only

Our Gatsby-inspired Deco shaker takes cues from the free-wheeling culture of the Roaring 1920s. This 3-piece shaker includes a stunning design with broad shoulders, a sleek cap, and a built-in strainer. With a volume of 700 ml, the Deco strainer can easily accommodate building multiple drinks at the same time. The high-grade steel used to form these shakers ensures they will stand the test of time. Available in a variety of colors, the deco shaker is a versatile addition to any bar collection.

The Deco Shaker is the perfect tool for executing a range of classic shaken cocktails including the Whisky Sour, Mai Tai, Daiquiri, Bee’s Knees, and many more. Our Deco Shaker comes in a selection of 4 finishes including Stainless Steel, Copper, Gold, and Gun Metal Black. These shakers are as beautiful as they are functional and will make a great addition to any bar cart or back bar.

While our Deco Shaker can be used with one hand we suggest using a two-handed method for shaking to ensure the seal stays tight and to allow as vigorous a shake as possible!

Check out our other bar tool products online today and see what you can pair to your deco shaker to elevate your bar experience at home or for commercial purposes.

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Copper Plated

1 review for Copper Deco Shaker (700 ml)

  1. Swar Ye Kyaw (verified owner)

    Aesthetically pleasing. However the cap does not seal properly resulting in some spillage.

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