What is a Cocktail Shaker?

Cocktail Shakers are essential when creating outstanding cocktails at home or in your bar. Check out our Cocktail Shaker selection below.

What is a cocktail shaker?

A cocktail shaker functions as a mixing process. While some cocktails only require a stir using a mixing glass and a bar spoon, the cocktail shaker blends the ingredients together with shaking motions. The shaking isn’t just for show, it also serves as a way to dilute the cocktail with some ice, chilling the cocktail or aerating them! Most cocktail shakers help ensure that the cocktail is mixed properly without any experiences of first sip blues. Have you ever experienced a cocktail where all the alcohol is at the bottom? Not always a great experience. Here is a list of cocktail shakers that Fifth & Vermouth offers! 

Fifth & Vermouth is Canada’s leading supplier of cocktail shakers. We sell beautiful, high-quality tools delivered directly to your door. Our success comes from our dedication to customer service and quality. An impressive cocktail shaker can draw the attention and envy of any guest. With many finishes and styles to choose from Fifth & Vermouth provides its customers with the world’s most beautiful and versatile cocktail shakers that fit any bar.

Boston Shaker Set Stainless Steel Tin on Tin with Box Fifth & Vermouth

The professionals generally will use a Boston Shaker. With the two cups creating a seal when pressed together, the shake allows the cocktail ingredients to freely swirl and vortex for the perfect mix. If you do decide to go with a Boston Shaker, you will need a strainer to go along with it so that you can perfectly strain the cocktail into your bar glass. Bartenders also enjoy this setup because it’s easy to clean, and it is less likely to leak or freeze shut. Once you overcome the small learning curve, it is truly one of the quickest options. 

Deco Shaker

The New York and Deco Shakers are fantastic for bars at home. They come built with a strainer on the top piece which allows for easy straining at home. Each shaker comes with 3 pieces, and some arguably say that the cap on the top of these strainers are about 1 oz of liquor. Without the need for extra tools, they truly look nice on a bar cart or home bar. 

New York Cobbler Cocktail Shaker Gold Canada
Montpellier Shaker

Montpellier and Venetian Shakers are also very stylish shakers that have a narrow lid that allows for easier handling when shaking your cocktail. These shakers are the intermediate between Boston Shakers and New York Shakers as they do not have the straining portion, but create a great seal like a Boston Shaker. 

Venetian Shaker

Cocktail Shaker Sets

An impressive cocktail set is the cornerstone to any bar. Our cocktail sets contain every piece of equipment you need to make most cocktails. You can use these beautiful tools to impress your friends by mixing classic cocktails or your own creations. All from right in your own home.

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