What is a Jigger?

Jiggers are an important tool for all bar collections. Learn about what they are and how we use them below.

What is a jigger?

Professional Bar Jiggers high quality double sided Fifth & Vermouth Canada USA

A jigger is a very common bar tool that allows you to measure your cocktail ingredients accurately, smoothly and efficiently. A huge advantage to a jigger vs using a traditional shot glass when preparing your cocktails is that it has measurements on the side of the cup. This allows you to measure multiple different capacities. Typically, the volume ranges measurements from 0.5 oz – 2.5 oz. Most common capacities are 2 oz.

Fifth & Vermouth Bar Jigger Collection

Fifth & Vermouth is Canada’s leading supplier of bar jiggers. We sell beautiful, high-quality tools delivered directly to your door. Our success comes from our dedication to customer service and quality. No bar is complete without one. You can’t make a cocktail without precise measurements and any Fifth & Vermouth jigger will allow you to create cocktails with accurate proportions, and allow you to do it in style.

Bell Jigger 1oz 2 oz Stainless Steel Canada

Our bell jigger comes in stainless steel, gold, gunmetal black, and copper plating. This jigger has excellent weight and the wide mouth allows for easier pours into the jigger for measuring to mitigate spillage. The weight is a bit heavier than most jiggers, and the unique design makes it a great jigger for at-home bars. The top side measures 1 oz. while the bottom side measures 2 oz. 

Bell Jigger 1oz 2 oz Stainless Steel Canada

If efficiency is your desire, the Kamakura Japanese Jigger demonstrates that perfectly. The skinnier design allows you to use the jigger with a mere two fingers! This style is widely used around the world due to its very simple handling. This is best for those who have accurate pours into the jigger as the body is skinnier than most. This jigger comes in stainless steel, gold, copper, and gunmetal black, to allow your bar sets to match! 

Bell Jigger 1oz 2 oz Stainless Steel Canada

If you like the bell jigger, this one takes the cake! Not only do you get all the benefits of our bell jigger, including the colors coming in stainless steel, gold, copper, and gunmetal black, but also it has a handle that makes it perfect for low-key situations. If you are making cocktails for speed and efficiency, you may want to skip this one as it is best used to display elegance and presentation vs. speed. For most bar collections at home, this is a great piece to add to the collection! 

Bell Jigger 1oz 2 oz Stainless Steel Canada

This jigger is very versatile for anyone who needs accurate measurements for their cocktail. The special thing is that the measurements are on the outside of the cup with grooves that can help you determine measurements when mixing cocktails. This practice can help you adapt and learn to measure your ingredients and eventually, you may not have to depend on the markings. Another great benefit is that it measures up to 2.5 oz vs. most jigger’s max size being 2.0 oz. 

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