Gold Montpellier Shaker (600 ml)

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600 ml gold plated 2 piece cocktail shaker

The Gold Montpellier shaker is the epitome of elegance and is our take on the classic Parisian shaker.  Much like the Boston Shaker, the Montpellier uses a two-piece design with both a bottom and top piece made of top-quality steel that fit perfectly together. What sets the Montpellier shaker apart is its unique design, which features a beautifully curved upper piece with a flat top making it easy to seal and this curved design means the Montpellier shaker fits perfectly in the hands while shaking. The Montpellier is without question one of the most beautiful shakers on the market! Just the color finish and the design alone make this a popular contender for various collections of bar supplies out there!

The Gold Montpellier shaker is the perfect tool for executing a range of classic shaken cocktails including the Whisky Sour, Mai Tai, Daiquiri, Bee’s Knees, and many more. Our Montpellier Shaker comes in a selection of 4 finishes including Stainless Steel, Copper, Gold, and Gun Metal Black. The stunning design of this shaker makes it the perfect addition to any bar cart or back bar.

While our Montpellier shaker can be used with one hand we suggest using a two-handed method for shaking to ensure the seal stays tight and to allow as vigorous a shake as possible.

If you like this shaker, it pairs well with our other color matching finished products including muddlers, jiggers, glasses, strainers, and more! Our online website can provide all the essential tools for any bar collection.

If you’re new to the bar collection and cocktail world, come chat with one of our experts on what is the best way to get started!

Looking for additional cocktail recipes? Check out our tips and tricks blog page to learn about some of our favorite “Fifth & Vermouth” approved beverages so you can enjoy them no matter what the season is.

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