Crystal Clear Extra Large Sphere Ice Mold – 4 Section

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  • 4 Crystal-Clear Sphere Ice Mold
  • Extra large (2.4 inches)
  • Food grade silicone, BHP Free

Ice is one of the great unsung heroes of the cocktail world. While many of us will pay attention to the quality of a spirit or other ingredients used in a cocktail, too often the importance of high-quality ice is overlooked. The right ice can absolutely make or break a drink - if you’ve ever been served a highball at a house party made with freezer-burned ice, you’ll know what we’re talking about! While the freshness and quality of the ice are important, so is the shape and size of the ice you are using for a given cocktail.

If your drink calls for a single large piece of ice and you really want to impress, our Crystal Clear Extra Large Sphere Ice Mold is the perfect solution! This mold will help you create a (roughly) 2.4-inch clear sphere that is perfect for cocktails or spirits you want to sip slowly and look amazing, maintaining the correct temperature while minimizing dilution. Our Sphere Ice Mold is made of durable silicon ensuring you can remove your large cubes with ease while also standing the test of time. The assembled mold is lowered into the insulated reservoir filled with water placing in the freezer.  The Fifth & Vermouth Crystal-Clear Extra Large Ice Mold is designed such that as the ice freezes from the top down, any air and impurities are forced down into the reservoir which leaves you with beautiful, amazingly clear ice spheres.

The ice spheres produced by our Sphere Ice Mold can be used in any number of drinks. When you feel like sipping a Bourbon or Scotch whisky over the rocks but want to avoid the dilution that comes from smaller cubes, a single large cube is a perfect answer. A single large cube also works well for serving a number of classic cocktails including the Old Fashioned, Negroni, Vieux Carré and Boulevardier just to name a few!  

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