Professional Series Shaken Cocktail Set


Professional Series Boston Shaker Set

800 ml stainless steel 2 piece shaker set

In stock

Professional Series Teardrop Bar Spoon (30 cm)

30 cm stainless steel teardrop bar spoon.

In stock

Kamakura Japanese Jigger - Stainless Steel (1oz/2oz)

Stainless steel Japanese double jigger - 1oz / 2oz

In stock

St. George Strainer - Stainless Steel

Stainless steel crossed aperture cocktail strainer

In stock

Professional Series Small Fine Mesh Strainer

Stainless steel fine mesh strainer

In stock (can be backordered)

Cocktail / barware set includes a Fifth & Vermouth Boston Shaker set, Teardrop Barspoon, Kamakura Jigger, St. George Strainer, and Professional Series small fine mesh strainer.

Fifth & Vermouth's Shaken Cocktail Set provides the essentials for all your shaken cocktail needs.  This beautiful cocktail set includes a Boston Shaker Set, Teardrop Barspoon, Kamakura Bar Jigger, St. George Cocktail Strainer, and Professional Series Fine Mesh Strainer.


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