Dillon’s Niagara Grenadine Syrup (500 ml)


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  • Dillon’s Niagara Grenadine Syrup (500 ml)
  • Made with organic cane sugar, Niagra cherries, sumac, hibiscus, raspberries, and rose
  • Note: Refrigerate after opening (will keep for up to 3 months after opening)

Grenadine is a beautiful bar syrup originally derived from pomegranates and has now become essential for all bar collections! Dillon's Niagara Grenadine Syrup is the perfect alternative to the classic grenadine syrup that combines Niagara cherries, raspberries, sumac, rose + hibiscus and is made using organic cane sugar to help you create the most lovely cocktails.

Some of the best cocktails have grenadine inside them including El Presidente, Mary Pickford, Queen Mary, Singapore Sling, Tequila Sunrise, and the Zombie. It can also be used for the famous Shirly Temples and Roy Rogers drinks, which are very enjoyable non-alcoholic as well!

*refrigerate after opening. Will keep for up to 3 months after opening.


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