Smoked Old Fashioned Kit


Kit Contents:

  • Five Aromatic Wood Bricks:
    • Cherry
    • Maple
    • Oak
    • Hickory
    • Walnut
  • Organic boutique Quebec maple syrup
  • Hand-crafted aromatic bitters
  • Sphere Ice Molds
  • Hand-turned wooden muddler
  • Copper teardrop barspoon
  • Restaurant quality coasters
  • Recipe and instruction booklet
  • Laser engraved case for storage

Bring back the Old Fashioned with this fantastic Smoked Old Fashioned Kit. This kit provides five aromatic wood varieties and bar essentials to make an amazing smoked cocktail at home!

Ideal for the bartender who is just starting, the Smoked Old Fashioned Kit is easy for transport and storage and perfect for those beginning their journey to creating cocktails from home. Add intrigue and excitement to your next party in ways you never imagined. 

This Smoked Old Fashioned Kit contains five kinds of aromatic wood to infuse a unique experience into every sip. 

To further enhance the experience, two aromatic cocktail bitter and organic Canadian Maple Syrup are included in the set.

Five Wood Flavors Included:

CHERRY: Light intensity smoke. Fruity and sweet notes.

HICKORY: Medium intensity smoke. Tobacco and spiced notes.

MAPLE: Light intensity smoke. Smooth and molasses, with toffee notes.

OAK: Medium intensity smoke. Vanilla, oak, nutty notes.

WALNUT: Heavy intensity smoke. Earthy and charcoal notes.

How to add smoke:

  • Select wood brick
  • Use a torch and burn wooden brick for 30 seconds until it has an independent flame.
  • Use empty glass to cover the Flame.
  • While glass smokes, create your cocktail.
  • Strain the completed cocktail into the smoked glass.
  • Add Ice, Serve and Enjoy!