Type 97 Heavy Cobbler Shaker (500 ml)

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500 ml extra heavy 3 piece stainless steel cobbler shaker

The Type 97 Heavy Cobbler Shaker was designed for professional bartenders and serious enthusiasts who are looking for the ultimate cobbler shaker! Our Type 97 shaker was built with heavy-duty construction, with thicker stainless steel walls allowing it to withstand constant temperature fluctuation without sticking or warping. The added weight makes shaking a breeze and allows for shaken drinks to be chilled quickly, making it the perfect companion for high-volume cocktail creation. We built this to last, and to outlast competing cobbler shakers on the market! This shaker has the durability to go toe to toe with some of the older pieces of your collection.

The Type 97 Heavy Cobbler Shaker incorporates a 3-piece design with a base, top with built-in strainer, and a cap – all of which are made with the same extra thick construction. During the design phase, we rigorously tested the Type 97 shaker in a high-volume cocktail bar environment, and incorporated feedback to make the final product the best it can be. This shaker is perfect for those looking to move quickly and not feel worried about pushing the limits of bar tool “wear and tear.” If you’re looking for a shaker that is as durable as it is beautiful, Type 97 is the perfect tool for the job.

Pair one of our Type 97 Heavy Cobbler Shakers with an assortment of our various glass products, muddlers, jiggers, and a nice bottle of bitters to get off to the right start for a beautiful hot summer weekend. Looking for recipes online? Check out our tips and tricks blog page to see what available recipes we have that have been scored as "delicious!" by our own bar tools and restaurant teams!

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