Boston Shaker Set – Copper

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800 ml copper plated 2 piece shaker set

Hand-wash only

The Boston Shaker is used by top bartenders around the world and is an indispensable tool thanks to its durable construction and versatility. Each Boston Shaker set contains both a top and bottom piece designed to fit together for a tight seal when combined. Unlike shakers that use glass, our Boston Shakers use high-grade metal for both tins to ensure there is no risk of breakage with the change in temperature. This beautiful shaker comes with a stunning copper finish!

Each of our Boston Shakers is designed to work with our range of strainers and other bar tools to form a perfect set.

The Boston Shaker is the perfect tool for executing a range of classic shaken cocktails including the Whisky Sour, Mai Tai, Daiquiri, and many more. Our Boston Shakers have a volume of 800 ml making them perfect for building multiple drinks at one time making it easy to create drinks for your dinner party guests or to serve clients at a high volume cocktail bar.

To use your Boston Shaker, simply build your cocktail in the larger tin, add ice, insert the smaller tin giving a firm slap with the palm of your hand to form a tight seal, shake vigorously until the desired level of chill and dilution is achieved, and finally give another firm bump with the palm of your hand on the side of the shaker where the large and small tin connects to release the seal and separate the tins. This takes a bit of practice, but with time you’ll see that the Boston Shaker really is the gold standard in the world of shakers!

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10 reviews for Boston Shaker Set – Copper

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    great to be able to have colour options

  5. Maureen H. (verified owner)

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    Arrived quickly, looks great, works amazingly well. I have used this to make many cocktails and plan to make more!

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    Beautiful and much higher quality than a more expensive one I bought at a liquor store. I will be purchasing another for sure!

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    Love this, looks great

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