Slim Double Jigger (1oz/1.5oz)

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Modern Japanese style double jigger – 1oz/1.5oz

The Fifth & Vermouth Slim Double Jigger is a modern take on a classic Japanese double jigger shape. This double jigger is available in two sizes and when combined makes an elegant and functional set. Our Slim Double Jigger is one of the most beautiful measuring tools you will ever see! Its sleek design features sharp lines with stainless steel construction enhanced by a striking gold ring separating the two sides of the jigger. This is a unique take on the classic Japanese-style jigger that we know you will love! The skinny design makes it easier to handle the jigger while completing multiple cocktails for dinner guests or the busy bar scene.

Our Slim Double Jigger is available in two sizes. One option features a combination of 1 oz and 1.5 oz, while the second option features 1.5 oz on one side with a two oz measurement on the second side. Both options also feature additional internal markings for more accurate measurement. Adding a cocktail jigger that has a larger oz count can be very versatile for any bar collection.

If you’re looking for a great cocktail recipe to try out your new Slim Double Jigger, we suggest trying the following:

Remember the Alimony (Dan Greenbaum, Diamond Reef – Brooklyn, NY)

This cocktail was created by Dan Greenbaum while working at a New York City Cocktail Bar called "The Beagle."  The Remember the Alimony resembles a classic negroni with gin, a bitter and some fortified wine.

This is a very simple and unique Sherry-based cocktail for those who love their cocktails booze-forward.

 1 ¼ oz Fino Sherry
 1 ¼ oz Cynar
 ¾ oz Beefeater Gin

Combine all ingredients in an Aztec Double Rocks Glass with one large ice cube. Stir until chilled. Express an orange peel over the drink, drop it into the drink and enjoy!

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